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Choosing your Client Communication platform

Client Hub versus Liscio

Have you ever seen a comparison page where the “other option” is realistically compared to the company writing the page? Neither have we.

But, instead of trying to turn this into a sales page, we want to turn these into useful comparisons that highlight the key differences between the options and let you make an informed decision on what is right for your firm.


Client Hub and Liscio are two platforms that are solving similar problems for firms. Your choice may come down to your firms’ unique workflow and client experience preferences -- and overall value.

While we compare pricing and features below, what makes Client Hub special is our end-to-end experience, which has 3 key aspects:

  1. “Instantly Obvious”: Our workspace concept is so simple that clients use our platform without any learning curve
  2. Modern Metaphors: Each and every feature is lightweight and modern, e.g. communication similar to text messaging
  3. Client-Centric: Everything is organized by client, fitting the natural mental model of accounting professionals

Client Hub

If you prefer a lighter messaging-like communication model, cloud file management that includes folders and files, and to automate resolving QuickBooks unclassified expenses -- at a transparent and affordable price point.


If you prefer for a more email-like communication model, files organized by tags, and built-in eSign -- but you may be wondering if someone else got a better deal.

Pricing Comparison

Client Hub
Client Hub
Plans start at$35/month$45/monthNot publicly disclosed

Comparison of Key Features

Client Hub
Client Hub
Mobile App
End-to-end Experience   
“Instantly Obvious” 
Modern Metaphors 
Automated Client Tasks   
Resolve QuickBooks uncategorized expenses   
Client Workspaces   
File Sharing
Client Tasks
Client Apps/Resources 
Your Branding
File Management   
Create Folders 
File Uploading
Online Preview
Windows/Mac Sync   
Collaborative Documents   
Office 365 Co-Editing(Easily link docs in Google/Office 365)  
Request eSignature(Easily link to Docusign etc.) 
Client Communication   
Text-like Messaging with Clients 
Email-like interaction “Compose Messages” etc.  
Mobile App Notifications
Manage Client Tasks    
Assign Tasks to Clients
View Outstanding Tasks across Clients 
Internal Tasks   
One-off and recurring jobs   
Assign and track jobs  by staff  
Task checklists for jobs   
Dashboard of open jobs   

Note: Comparison is current as of April 2020